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The Build up to Ga-Ma-Yo #9

23 Oct, 2015

By Dave Ward

Game Makers Yorkshire(Ga-Ma-Yo) is a meet up in Leeds for game developers of all sizes every six months. I’ve been to the past four of these, propping up the bar but this time I bring a game with me.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out is a fun, frantic and comic 2D tower defence game. You control an archer defending his castle against the onslaught of the kings army. A whole array of misfit combatants march towards the wall and each must be dealt with in a different manner. Throw in a pinch of boss fights and out pops fun.

I’m on the home straight of developing an advanced 25 level demo to show off at Ga-Ma-Yo. Until then, here’s the latest screenshots.


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Mouse Bounce, Programming, Unity

Useful Plugins for a Unity Mobile Game

2 Oct, 2015

By Dave Ward

Mouse Bounce is chock full of 3rd party plugins with the aim of incentivising replay, sharing scores amongst friends and monetising the game. For any mobile game it’s expected to use at least some of the following.


Android uses Google Play Game Services to store scores and give users achievements. Both will need to be set up in the developer console, sit back and let this plugin take care of the rest.

Google Play Game Services

For iOS GameCentre is already built into Unity. Lucky you.

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Castle Invasion, Unity

Creating an Enemy in Castle Invasion

11 Sep, 2015

By Dave Ward

Castle Invasion has a whole rag tag army of misfits who are trying to…you guessed it, invade your castle. This post is a short, sharp run through of how one of these enemies (a pitchfork peasant) is created in Unity 5.

Here’s an image of what we’re aiming for:


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Programming, Unity

Clean Code and Boss Battles

14 Aug, 2015

By Dave Ward

This post is definitely one for the coders. Other professions shy away now. My aim for this post is to put forward a simple method for writing maintainable, adaptable and tidy boss fights.

Picture a boss battle and you’ll most likely have an enemy that has a limited number of offensive moves and attacks with these moves in a pre determined pattern.


Barry the boss. Nice name for a dragon.


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Unity UI – Tips, Tricks and Time Saving Bits

31 Jul, 2015

By Dave Ward

In the previous post I showed how to set up a canvas and anchors to make UI stretch and scale just how you want them to. There’s treasure troves of information on the basic components (button, image, text) that you’ll need to learn after that so I thought I’d just drop some hints, tips and pit falls I’ve picked up whilst using Unity UI .

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Unity UI Tutorial: Canvas and Scalability

17 Jul, 2015

By Dave Ward

Last year Unity 4.6 overhauled the engines UI system making it more capable and easier to use. UI can initially seem difficult to learn but is a breeze when you know the basics. Seems like a good excuse for some tutorials.

They see me scrolling....

Here’s what we’ll aim for in this tutorial:

  • A screen within a landscape app containing a scroll which fills as much of the screen as possible.
  • The scroll will be created with scaleability in mind to look lovely on any size screen and on devices with any aspect ratio.
  • A good understanding of the Unity UI canvas object and how we can manipulate it to help us achieve scaleability.

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PlayStation Mobile

Bye Bye PlayStation Mobile :(

3 Jul, 2015

By Dave Ward

On 10th September 2015 PlayStation Mobile is due to close. I released 3 games on the platform, Castle Invasion, A Bad Operatunity and Mouse Bounce. All 3 were small bite sized fun that wouldn’t look out of place on Google Play or the App store.

As a hobbyist developer at the time, PlayStation Mobile made me feel it was an achievable goal to make games that people wanted to buy and play. It was this feeling that lingered with me through a full time job and in the end prompted me to start Cat Trap Studios.

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Mouse Bounce

Mouse Bouncing From Phones to Vita

1 Nov, 2014

By Dave Ward

Myself and a friend recently developed and released Mouse Bounce, an addictive, arcade platformer for iOS, Android and of course PSM.

I initially took to developing the game for iOS and Android using Unity. It was my first time working with the engine on one of my own projects but using it made the whole process much easier. From concept to a final build took around two months with very little compromise from how myself and the artist originally imagined.

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Mouse Bounce

Bare Face Advertising

22 Oct, 2014

By Dave Ward


Mouse Bounce is out right now on Android and iOS. It’s sitting in both stores looking pretty waiting for you to go and download it.

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Cat Trap

How Working Remotely… Works

13 Oct, 2014

By Dave Ward

Mouse Bounce has been developed by 2 people, myself (Dave) a programmer, and a friend (Adam) an artist. I’ve known Browny (Adam Brown) for far too long; he grew up in the village next to mine and we went to the same school together. Through a string of coincidences we ended up going to the same university and living next to each other in Nottingham for a while. Since then he trotted off to London for a bit and now he’s in Australia while I moved back to nice warm Yorkshire. After spending 15 months in full time work I fancied the excitement of making my own games. A few days before I was about to leave my safe, secure, paying job I dropped Browny a message, that was along the lines of:

“G’day mate! Hope I haven’t interrupted you drinking Fosters around the barbie. How do you feel about making a mobile game, ripper? You do the art, I code, we both design. As a pommie you’ll be wanting to explore Aus so you can just pitch in when you’re free”

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