Castle Invasion Review Round Up

Castle Invasion

20 Oct, 2016

By Dave Ward

As you hopefully know, Castle Invasion release last week on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita. We’ve been really happy with the reception it’s received. To showcase that we’ve collected some of our favourite review for the game. Peruse at your leisure…

Written Reviews

The Xbox Hub
“Priced at just £3.99, Castle Invasion: Throne Out is most definitely cheap and it is most certainly damn right cheerful.”

Life is Xbox | Score: 76%
“Castle Invasion: Throne Out will provide a few hours of fun for everyone. I had a blast winning all the 150 stars”

Aces Ops | 8/10
“There is a new tower defence game for XB1…It sports a $4.99 price tag, and will keep you entertained for a while.”

XXLGaming | 82%
“Sometimes, simple can make a great game and Castle Invasion: Throne Out is just that.”

Video Reviews

True Tube | 4/5
“You’re going to clear it in 4/5 hours…Whilst you are playing you’re going to enjoy it…For £3.99 what more do you want?”

If you like what you’ve read and want to check out more on Castle Invasion further find it on the store on your console.

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