The Build up to Ga-Ma-Yo #9

Castle Invasion, Cat Trap

23 Oct, 2015

By Dave Ward

Game Makers Yorkshire(Ga-Ma-Yo) is a meet up in Leeds for game developers of all sizes every six months. I’ve been to the past four of these, propping up the bar but this time I bring a game with me.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out is a fun, frantic and comic 2D tower defence game. You control an archer defending his castle against the onslaught of the kings army. A whole array of misfit combatants march towards the wall and each must be dealt with in a different manner. Throw in a pinch of boss fights and out pops fun.

I’m on the home straight of developing an advanced 25 level demo to show off at Ga-Ma-Yo. Until then, here’s the latest screenshots.






See ya!



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