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Our passion is to make games and cool things that people love to play. These creations have popped up on most major platforms since starting out in 2014. Where better to do this than the North of England? (Purely rhetorical question)

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Castle Invasion

Platforms: Steam(PC and Mac), Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita
Dust off your bow and arrow and delve into a spot of medieval castle defence!
An action packed and frantic game of defending your castle against the army of a conquesting king.

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What the people say

Cat Trap are a pleasure to work with.  Always inquisitive and involved with the project, going above and beyond to get the project completed on time to an excellent standard.  Couldn’t recommend more.

Bob Makin, Sock Monkey Studios

Cat Trap Studios has been a pleasure to work with. They took my idea from design all the way to the app store. Would highly recommend!

Joe Petein, Scratch and Scuff Repair

Cat Trap Studios is always a joy to work with. Professional, skilled and friendly.

Ken McFarlane, McFarlane Art