Our Work

Yooka Laylee
Yooka-Laylee Windows 10

Yooka-Laylee is an all-new open-world platformer from genre veterans Playtonic!”

Client: Team17 Ltd.
Our Contribution: In-house porting of an existing Unity code base to the UWP platform including Xbox Live integration.


PlayPhoto iMessage App

A companion iMessage app using the new iOS 10 iMessage SDK. Use the camera or existing photos to send jigsaw puzzles to your friends.

Client: Kwalee Ltd.
Our Contribution: Implementation of client side UI and gameplay.


Why Metal?

A high tech experience bringing the Ardagh Why Metal? book to life. Using AR and Digimarc technology pages in the book could be scanned and 3D models rendered on top of them.

Client: Prototype Creative Ltd.
Our Contribution: Programming from specification through to app store (iOS and Android).


Oil Boom

Awesome FREE puzzle adventure! Use oil booms to safely contain oil spills in 30 levels.

Client: Dubit Ltd, ITOPF
Our Contribution: Programming from specification through to app store.


Scratch and Scuff Repair

The Scratch and Scuff Repair quote request app allows you to effortlessly request a quote anywhere in Yorkshire and at any time.

Client: Scratchandscuffrepair.co.uk
Our Contribution: Entire development from idea to app submission.


learndirect English

learndirect English is a fun and unique English-language learning experience. Helping users to learn through interactive activities, speaking and reading.

Client: Route 1 Games Ltd
Our Contribution: In-house programming support from early development to release.



Javoo, a social network to help a family member with Alzheimer’s communicate and reminisce with the rest of the family.

Client: Javoo.co.uk
Our Contribution: iOS app development.


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