Unity UI Video Tutorials


10 Nov, 2016

By Dave Ward

Surprisingly, some of the highest visited pages on this site are still the pair of Unity tutorials posted well over a year ago. They’re here if you want to go have a look through:

Unity UI Tutorial: Canvas and Scalability

Unity UI: Tips, Tricks and Time Saving Bits

To make it even simpler to digest the UI information from the tutorials, I’ve uploaded recorded versions to YouTube. My favourite to make was the “Scroll View in 60 Seconds”. Scroll views were something that kept tripping me up when I was new to the Unity 4.6+ UI system. For whatever reason, I kept forgetting how to set them up correctly. All it takes now is 60 seconds 🙂

Unity UI Tutorial – Canvas and Anchors

Unity UI Tutorial – Scroll Rect / Scroll View in 60 Seconds

Unity UI Tutorial – Button Events

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