Useful Plugins for a Unity Mobile Game

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2 Oct, 2015

By Dave Ward

Mouse Bounce is chock full of 3rd party plugins with the aim of incentivising replay, sharing scores amongst friends and monetising the game. For any mobile game it’s expected to use at least some of the following.


Android uses Google Play Game Services to store scores and give users achievements. Both will need to be set up in the developer console, sit back and let this plugin take care of the rest.

Google Play Game Services

For iOS GameCentre is already built into Unity. Lucky you.


It just wouldn’t be a modern game without in-app purchases, then again it also wouldn’t be free to download. Mouse Bounce has 2 types of IAP:

  • Non-consumable. No ads. Can only be purchased once then exists across all devices user owns. If user uninstalls then reinstalls, you guessed it, this IAP comes with them.
  • Consumable. In Mouse Bounce you pick up cheese which is currency(obviously) for buying extra costumes for your mouse. Once you have bought and used up your cheese it’s gone you’ll need to buy or earn more.


For setting this up in Unity I used Soomla for both iOS and Android. So easy to set up, it took far longer to create the IAPs on iTunes Connect and Google Play Develop console.



Sharing is caring, especially with freemium games. Including social media share features in your app can boost discoverability amongst users and their friends. I promise I only got a score this poor so I could take a screenshot.


Facebook is another dead easy set up for Unity.

Facebook for Unity


Chartboost shows full page (interstitial) ads for other apps on the App Store or Google Play. Mouse Bounce displays an ad every second play through. For every click you get a couple of cents, if the user then installs the app after clicking the link you can get a couple of dollars. Win!


It’s dead easy to drop in Unity, you should up and running in no time.



Game Analytics – A service that does what it says on the tin.

Heres the tin:

Game Analytics


It’s never all smooth sailing, using third party plugins can have these drawbacks amongst others:

  • Android only. Each plugin has it’s own Android manifest file which will be merged together with all other plugins and your own code to create a master manifest. This merging may sometimes clash so be prepared for the occasional manifest management session.
  • Updating Unity should be done with caution. If a plugin does not work with an updated version of Unity then hopefully the plugin has an update or you can manually make any needed changes or there’s an alternative up to date plugin or…you can’t upgrade Unity yet.

That’s a run through of what I used but this technology is changing all the time, becoming even easier to use. The biggest change since Mouse Bounce is analytics and Ads integration into Unity, there’s as much choice as ever for which services you would like to use and integrate into your game. Go wild!

Download Mouse Bounce on iOS or Android

See ya!



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