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Logic Puzzles Developer Diary #1 – Basic Prototype

3 Sep, 2019

By Dave Ward

Lets have a chat about a prototype I’ve been working on for the last few weeks then we’ll take a high level tour of how it’s put together.


On a recent VR projects we developed a system where interacting with elements in the world could set off a sequence of actions. As an example, putting your hands underneath a tap would be the trigger for turning on water particles and start playing running water audio. Setting these interactions up could be quite fun and often logical at the same time. This seemed like a good jumping off point to make a puzzle game.

Without further ado, here’s what I made:

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App Development, Programming

Javoo Top 20 App in The Guardian

2 Apr, 2016

By Dave Ward

The Guardian have just published their top new apps of the month and it’s great to see Javoo on that list.

April Top Apps

Javoo is a “social network for Alzheimer’s Fighters, Supporters & Carers worldwide”. Cat Trap Studios had the great pleasure of contributing to the iOS development of Javoo.

Congratulations! We wish them all the best in the future and hope they can grow their app to help as many people as possible.

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Mouse Bounce, Programming, Unity

Useful Plugins for a Unity Mobile Game

2 Oct, 2015

By Dave Ward

Mouse Bounce is chock full of 3rd party plugins with the aim of incentivising replay, sharing scores amongst friends and monetising the game. For any mobile game it’s expected to use at least some of the following.


Android uses Google Play Game Services to store scores and give users achievements. Both will need to be set up in the developer console, sit back and let this plugin take care of the rest.

Google Play Game Services

For iOS GameCentre is already built into Unity. Lucky you.

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Programming, Unity

Clean Code and Boss Battles

14 Aug, 2015

By Dave Ward

This post is definitely one for the coders. Other professions shy away now. My aim for this post is to put forward a simple method for writing maintainable, adaptable and tidy boss fights.

Picture a boss battle and you’ll most likely have an enemy that has a limited number of offensive moves and attacks with these moves in a pre determined pattern.


Barry the boss. Nice name for a dragon.


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